N-Re 1F 150 mm signalization module


A kit for self-assembly (includes screws)
The FREMO N Re Standard
-N scale
-lowering area: 20mm
-Material: Frame, track bed, frames, and front profiles made of 10mm plywood,  tops plywood 4mm

length 150 mm
width 400 mm
height 105 mm ( with railbed)
-Pilot cutouts for screws


The 1F Nre signaling module, measuring 150mm in length, is an important component in model railroading, especially for N scale railways. This module complies with FREMO standards, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with other modules in the network. Due to its compact size and precise construction, it is an ideal choice for simulating signaling systems on model railway layouts. Equipped with detailed signal heads, gantries, and control equipment, this module replicates the functionality and aesthetics of real-world signaling infrastructure in miniature form. Model railroaders use the 1F Nre signaling module to enhance the realism of their layouts, allowing for accurate depiction of train movements and ensuring safe and efficient operations. Additionally, its standardized dimensions and construction facilitate easy incorporation into larger model railway configurations, enabling enthusiasts to create intricate and lifelike railroad environments.

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Weight1000 g
Dimensions70 × 40 × 10 cm


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