MiniPiko H0 special modules


Self-assembly kit (glue not included)

Material: 6mm and 4mm birch plywood
The series is intended for Piko a Gleis tracks with or without embankment.

If you want to lay tracks without embankment, it is recommended to use a plywood or cork railbed with a height of 5 mm.


The floor is yours!
The modules designed below are a great alternative for people who do not have space for full-size modules. Their small dimensions and adaptation to Piko’s system tracks allow for easy transport and storage. Thanks to the width of 185,8 mm, there is also room for a bit of greenery, low vegetation and even a narrow platform. The width of the module has been adapted to the track spacing of Piko A-gleis (61.9 mm), thanks to which the modules can be connected side by side, both “single-track” and “double-track”.A good option for beginner modelers.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Module set

PWL15, PWR15


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