H0 FREMO 2e99 Technical Loop Set (R 750mm)


Module for self-assembly.

A set of technical loops according to the FREMO standard with a 2-track 2e99 profile. The modules are 250 mm wide and made in 45-degree sections.
The whole thing is made on the basis of a circle with a radius of R750 mm. The tabletop has space for 3 tracks with a spacing of 60mm. Thanks to the raised sides, they can be transported one on top of the other. half Y should be folded into a sandwich


FREMO is a pan-European standard in model railroads. Thanks to it, you can connect with other modelers at any event in Europe where this standard applies. It is available in most scales of railway modeling, and its modular nature allows for easy transport and low weight. It is an ideal solution for those who like having fun together.

Additional information

Weight20500 g
Dimensions90 × 30 × 5 cm
Module length

FF520, FF550


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