1S500-BSS500 NSOW 900mm transition module 0 scale


A kit for self-assembly. (includes screws 3x25mm )
The NSOW standard ( Compatible with FREMO)
-0 scale
-lowering area: 20mm
-Material: Frame, track bed, frames, and front profiles made of 10mm plywood, track 8mm, and tops plywood 4mm

-Length:900 mm
-Width: 500 mm
-Height: 110 mm
-Pilot cutouts for screws

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1S500-BSS500 NSOW 900mm transition module ( Compatible with FREMO) is a pan-European standard in model railroads. Thanks to it, you can connect with other modelers at any event in Europe where this standard applies. It is available in most scales of railway modeling, and its modular nature allows for easy transport and low weight. It is an ideal solution for those who like having fun together.

Additional information

Weight 4700 g
Dimensions 900 × 500 × 11 cm


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