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New product in stock:

New module for MMM standard

Handles compliant with MMM Norm in H0.
The first module in that section is MMM0101 Straight module 900 mm


H0 scale visualization for one of the clients.
That will be very interesting project.

H0 project



H0 project

New, bespoke project

Just recently, we create, new h0 one-of-a-kind project that has been specifically designed for one out client. With this project, we aim to bring the client’s vision to life, by creating a fully customizable and modular model railway layout

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What is FREMO

The Friendship of European railway modellers (German: Freundeskreis Europäischer Modellbahner), FREMO is a modular rail transport modelling standard. Individual track and scenery modules are built to a common standard and are joined together to make larger model railway layouts.

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We have been on the market since 2018. What we are engaged in is laser cutting and engraving.
We specialise in the production of model railroad modules , which are designed and produced according to the strictly defined norms, valid in the most popular systems of rail transport modelling and beyond.

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